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Client Testimonials

Informed and Current

“I found Karin to be one of the most engaging attorneys I have ever worked with regardless of specialty. She was informed and current as it pertained to both State and National Law and emphasized the importance of a civil and respectful separation of the parties involved. I would highly recommend her.”  Terri

 Caring and Truthful

“I used Karin Quirk during my divorce. She has an excellent way of handling difficult situations. Divorce is such an emotional time for each individual. Karin has a way of assisting one through this time, being both caring and truthful, even with saying things that one really does not want to hear. I have already recommended her, and will do so again.” Linda

 Worth every Penny

“Karin was super honest and gave me the best experience possible at a great rate! She is worth every penny! Karin was easy to get in touch with and so nice to us. Thank you so much, Karin!”  Divorce client

 Dedication to fair and respectful conflict resolution

“Karin has always been very quick to respond to any questions or concerns I’ve had regarding my legal issues. But her greatest strength is her absolute dedication to the concept of fair and respectful conflict resolution.”  Brett

Trusted professional

“Karin Quirk became my trusted professional through years of competent advice delivered when I most needed her. Her counsel invariably points toward proactive solutions I’d never considered. I recommend Karin from a base of experience and positive outcomes.”  Neal

Professional and caring, competent and helpful

“I have worked with several attorneys over the years and, with Karin, most recently for both a divorce and estate planning. She was professional and caring, competent and helpful… I hope she continues to help many more people who need here expertise.”   Joan

 Fast, professional, caring

“I couldn’t have asked for a more professional experience during a difficult time nor could I have asked for a more caring person.   Fast, professional, caring and on top of the situation.  Excellent experience.”  Larry

Explains thing and helps me feel at ease

“I have been working with Karin for 3 years now for my Parenting Plan/Separation issues. Whenever I am stumped at how to respond, she always provides the exact words for me to respond and keep tension at a minimal. She explains things so that I can understand, and helps me feel at ease that I can focus on more important things in life than the legal system.

I have referred my friends for their divorce who also had a good experience. This is comforting knowing I can trust her to help anyone else I send her.

She is still helping me with my Parenting Plan issues and I am grateful to know she is on my team.”  Melissa, Child Custody client

Frequently went the extra mile

“Not only would I recommend Karin, but I already have. She frequently went the extra mile to make sure everything necessary was timely and in perfect order. She helped ease my worries about the divorce and settlement. I’ve already returned to Karin to have her prepare all my estate plans. Thank you, Karin, for such an excellent job” Joan

 Very compassionate at a difficult time

“Karin Quirk is my divorce attorney. Patty Henry is her para legal. They have done an exceptional job of advising me of my options, my legal rights and are keeping me informed about the legal process of divorce. Karin and Patty both take the time to make sure that I understand all aspects of the process in a calm and thoughtful manner. Karin and Patty have been very compassionate at a difficult time time in my life.”  Divorce client

 Took the time to explain things

“Karin and her Paralegal, Patty, were very helpful to me. I was confused by the whole process because I have never been involved in any legal action before. There is just too much to know! But they both took the time to explain things to me. I was COMPLETELY confused by the Washington worksheet and the child support order. But they explained it! Also, my husband was really aggressive and not wanting to work with me or Karin and I never thought we would ever settle. But Karin managed to de-escalate the situation. It took time but we finalized much sooner than I thought we ever would.” Divorce client

 Went the extra mile

“Karin Quirk is amazing. She took time to explain everything to me, calmed me down when I got frustrated, worked hard, went the extra mile to get documents completed early, and dealt smoothly with some difficult situations. The outcome of all her hard work was a win-win for everyone involved! We completed the divorce with good cooperation and respect for all. Thank you, Karin. Great job!”  Divorce client

 Strongly defended my interests

“Karin helped me through a difficult proceeding with my ex husband and strongly and effectively defended my interests.”  Divorce client

 Kept the best interest of my children in mind

“Karin actually made my divorce easy, private and fast, something I didn’t think was possible. She kept the best interest of my children in mind, and was always fair. She minimized the stress and made it as easy as it possibly could be.”   Family client

 Compassion and understanding

“I was most impressed that Karin has the background to understand the business and financial aspects of my divorce and also to offer compassion and understanding for the emotional aspects of divorce and help me but my children first.”  Divorce client

Without the drama

“My friends were amazed that such and approach could work so effectively without all the drama. A respectful divorce does require two willing parties, but it also requires counsel who will walk that line with them.” Divorce client

 Minimized the stress

“Karin actually made my divorce easy, private and fast, something I didn’t think was possible. She kept the best interest of my children in mind, and was always fair. She minimized the stress and made it as easy as it possibly could be.”  Divorce client